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Hello Coaches and Managers –


On behalf of the Washington Premier League (WPL) Board of Directors, we are pleased to welcome you to the WPL and US Club Soccer. Our goal is to provide players, teams, and clubs an exciting season of soccer. 

The WPL is sanctioned by US Club Soccer. This is an organization created by and for competitive soccer clubs. US Club Soccer provides insurance, player passes and a Player Identification Program for US National Teams as well as for college and professional teams. 

US Club Soccer is our parent organization. Each US Club Soccer sanctioned club has one vote for US Club Soccer Board of Directors. The US Club Soccer Board of Directors is made up of club representatives from around the country - each of whom must have at least a USSF B license. 

Our partnership with US Club Soccer is beneficial because it allows our league and your club to operate flexibly, with player development as the focus. We strongly encourage you to use the flexibility offered by US Club Soccer Player Passes as a tool for your player’s development. 

We believe, when possible, clubs should use younger players from within their club when an older team needs players – rather than signing players from another club. We believe, when possible, clubs should promote second team players to the first team, rather than signing players from another club. This is a common practice throughout the world and will help build club loyalty. 

Another benefit is that clubs can sign new player(s) to play for a season and the player(s) can experience what it is like to be a part of the Club. 

The WPL has created our Manager’s Handbook to provide assistance to clubs, coaches, and managers to ensure the Washington Premier League operates smoothly and is a positive experience. There is a lot of information that will answer many of your questions. Please take the time to read it. We will be continually updating the handbook on-line. If you cannot find the answers to your questions in our handbook, please feel free to email us at We wish you the best of luck! 



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